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What is The Love Lock Site?

The Love Lock Site is a way for you to express your forever love in a non-destructive manner. In other words, rather than putting a lock on a bridge or historical structure, why not put it on the internet for everyone to see, not just those that are at the structure!

What is a Digital Love Lock?

A Digital Love Lock is a "lock" on our website that can be used to proclaim your everlasting love, memorialize a moment in time, or dedicate a memory forever. This lock is not one that will be removed from a structure, nor rust over time!

I'm new to the site, what do I do?

First, browse through some of the digital love locks that others have locked to the site, using the "Browse Love Locks" button, to get some inspiration. Then create your own digital love lock, using the "Create Your Love Lock" button, to commemorate a special love. You will be able to customize your love lock by uploading your picture, adding your inscription, selecting a commemoration date and optionally a commemoration city to make a personalized lock that you can come back to through the years and reminisce about.

Once you've okay-ed your digital love lock, just "Throw Away the Key" and wait for your "forever link" to be emailed to you after purchase!

How long will my lock be on your site?

We are intending for your lock to be there as long as our site is active. We are hoping forever!

Can I personalize my lock?

During the creation process, you are allowed to inscribe your Lock, select a lock color, submit a photo, select a commemoration date and an optional commemoration city for your digital love lock!

Can I submit my inscription in a language other than English?

Yes, we welcome it! We will display your inscription in the language you submit. We do run your inscription through Google Translator to make sure that the inscription adheres to our guidelines.

Do I have to have a PayPal account to purchase?

No. While we use PayPal as our 3rd party processor, PayPal allows you to use a credit card if you do not wish to use your account or do not have an account.

I've purchased, what do I do now?

Once your payment has been processed, you will receive two emails, one from Paypal and one from . The Paypal notice is your invoice, please keep in case you need to contact us with questions, we will need information from the invoice to help you.

The second notice you will receive will contain your "forever link". By clicking on that link you will be taken to the site directly to your digital love lock where you can share to social media if you wish!

I purchased a Digital Love Lock but never received my email with my "forever link".

Don't worry! Even if you never receive an email from The Love Lock Site, you can still find your digital love lock on our site simply by selecting to Browse Love Locks. That allows you to search by date or city to look up your lock.

Otherwise there are a few items to consider as to why you never received your email from The Love Lock Site. Depending on your email system, it could take up to 4 hours to receive an email, after that check your spam box for emails from . If you still can't find the email and cannot locate your digital love lock on the site, please email us and include your PayPal "Transaction ID". This ID can usually be found in the upper right corner of your PayPal Receipt.

Once we have verified that your purchase is valid, we will attempt to "resend" your email to the email address attached with your PayPal account.

If you want the email that is being resent sent to an email address other than your PayPal email, you will need to include your name, your paypal email address and your Transaction ID when requesting we "resend". Including those items allows us to verify that you are the original purchaser of the digital love lock.

Can you refuse to post something if I purchase a Digital Love Lock?

Every digital love lock purchased is up for review before and after being placed on the site. We do reserve the right to refuse to place your submitted information on The Love Lock Site for ANY reason. Please refer to our Terms of Use policy for more information.

I've changed my mind, can I get a refund?

Because of the instant and digital nature of digital love locks all sales are final. We do not accept returns.

I’m no longer in love, will you remove my Digital Love Lock?

No. Once a digital love lock is placed on the site, it is considered to be there "forever". Much in the same way as placing your "love lock" on a bridge or other structure. You don't normally go back and remove it, same applies here.

How do I share my Digital Love Lock on social media?

Once you have purchased your digital love lock, locate it on the site by searching the site or with your "forever link" provided in our email. Once you have located it, click on the lock and a window will be opened displaying share buttons and your "forever link" to allow you to share wherever you wish!